Settings need to be intuitive, on a level that is similar to how they navigate their current top loaders. For example, having settings related to the fabric type, rather than a theoretical understanding of spin speed.

From the previous Add Wash study we conducted, 46% of washing machine users use one setting only on their machine. 20% would occasionally change, but would mainly stick to one familiar feature. What the study revealed was that they loved simplicity in the display panel, such as being positioned on top of the machine so it doesn’t get wet. In a previous study exploring refrigerator purchase drivers, we found that there is a distrust of features that they cannot see and experience.

Number of settings used when washing (%)


Could there then be something in the way that users can physically interact with the features that make a piece of technology more or less comforting, i.e. psychological impact of digital screens, having buttons vs. dials, the physicality of buttons (touch vs. press vs. press down and click) – considering that laundry is a highly physically engaging and sensorial task, from seeing stains disappear, to feeling the coarseness of detergent on fabric, to smelling the detergent from soap suds.


Love using scented detergents and fabric softeners, so that their clothes smell good


Like the room where they do washing to be full of the scent of freshly cleaned clothes when finished


Consider their laundry clean once it comes out smelling good