Plotting the path to purchase: the compact car consumer.


As car-sharing services such as Uber grow, the automotive sector are justly concerned that younger audiences may delay purchasing their own vehicles, threatening entry level (and generally compact) cars in the market.

Our client sought to better understand the vehicle path-to-purchase amongst younger consumers. It was vital to understand their unique consumer needs to develop an attractive set of compact car propositions, and to know how to position them appropriately for younger consumers.

We ran a set of focus groups and IDIs with current and target customers across the UK, using a range of creative techniques to immerse ourselves in their lives and paths to purchase.

We brought the younger consumer to life with an actionable set of profiles that revealed their lives, ambitions, and the car concepts that appeal to them most. Importantly, this included an actionable set of recommendations to ensure that future iterations of our client’s compact car, and their marcomms investment, were tailored to this important audience.

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