Full of beans – how we revitalised OUR CLIENT's iced beverage offering.


British appetite for coffee appears insatiable, with coffee shop culture driving a caffeine-fuelled growth trajectory.

Our client has been central to driving this growth over time, but the competition from other players (chains and indies) necessitates constant innovation and creativity. Iced beverage offerings required particular impetus to remain competitive.

Harnessing creativity to support innovation is a challenge that Kadence embraces wholeheartedly. Our in-house design team and copywriters initially led client workshops to generate and develop unencumbered blue-sky ideas for a new iced beverage line. These ranged from the sublime to the ridiculous, but our design team found ways to generate physical representations that could form the basis of a quantitative and qualitative commercial assessment.

This work generated such impact that we’re now working on a longer-term menu development engagement to ensure our client’s continued place at the forefront of an ever-growing industry.

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