New research from Kadence International

THE CONCERNED CONSUMER: Exploring the trends driving food and drink choices globally

From calls for recyclable packaging to moves to eat less meat, we’re seeing the rise of the concerned consumer. But what are the issues that really matter to consumers when comes to food and drink? Are these universal or do they differ across countries? And what implications do these trends have for marketing and product innovation?

Our latest research, with 5000 consumers across 10 countries which match the global footprint of our offices, sought to explore these questions. You’ll learn what matters most to consumers when they’re making food and drink choices, how these concerns play out in current consumption habits and what this means for consumers’ future purchase decisions. 

Download the full report by filling out the form below. We’re also happy to present and workshop the findings with client-side insight and marketing teams, free of charge. To arrange this, please get in touch with your local office using the links below.

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