Have you ever been sale shopping and been confronted with a frenzied scene of bargain hunters? People shifting through piles of clothes or burying themselves in the racks? Are you one of them? If so, you are not alone. The ‘Rummager’ is the most common type of sale shopper across Asia!

To celebrate the Great Singapore Sale, Kadence ran a 9 market study across the region to determine the habits and preferences of shoppers who are looking for deals. Indonesia, Malaysia, Japan, Australia, Taiwan, China & Singapore were all most likely to be Rummagers – those who are is willing to search through every single piece to find a real bargain! Thailand and India have a less frantic approach to their sales. Instead they are more likely to be ‘Coordinators’ (42% and 32% respectively) – people who spend days stalking out their ideal malls, stores and items that they want to snap up before heading to the stores. There are overflowing information and price comparison that is available online, allowing the Coordinators to be fully equipped to make smart purchases. This is particularly likely to be a male shopper type – with over half in Thailand identifying with this approach.

Other key traits identified were the ‘Bulk Buyers’ who purchase multiple version of the same items – sometimes even buying the same style in different colours. This was more of a Japanese characteristic – where it was the second most likely habit by 28%, but over-indexed the most compared to the average of 21%.

every country has a very different attitude and habit when it comes to sales shopping.

The next buyer type is ‘The Saver’. This type of person is most likely to be found in Singapore (18%) – and is someone who waits for months for an expensive item to be available in the sale. They are typically the first people into the stores when the Great Singapore Sale begins to lay hands on the long-waited item before anyone else. Finally, there is the ‘Impulse buyer’ who is driven to make a purchase on spot as a result of seeing something that they simply could not miss out on.

So, which personality are you most like? The Rummager, Coordinator, Bulk Buyer, Saver or do you spot a bargain and buy on Impulse? Next time you see signs for a sale, see if you can spot each of these.

And with over half of all those aware of the GSS across the countries surveyed (Taiwan, Australia, China, Japan, Malaysia, Thailand, India, Indonesia), the potential for brands to cash in with foreign travellers is huge. Even better way to maximize this opportunity is by taking note from this study that every country has a very different attitude and habit when it comes to sales shopping. Leveraging this fact, retailers and brands can provide a more customized shopping experience and increase sales at the same time by tailoring promotions and incentives to each target shopper types.