Exploring the currency of Halal in
beauty segment

Indonesia is an exceptionally interesting country when it comes to the beauty segment. As Muslim fashion and beauty continues to rise, the landscape of the beauty segment is changing rapidly.

L’Oreal Indonesia wanted to understand the dynamism of this change and specifically wanted to explore the relevance of Halal in the beauty segment. The findings of this study would determine some key business strategies.

On analysing our results we found we had unearthed some fascinating results, we realised that presenting these findings in a power point format just wouldn’t do them any justice.

We had to show it with impact! Our challenge was to summarise a report into a one page document without compromising on the content.

Inspired by our reporting style, which is all about story telling – we created an info-graphic aimed to showcase the insights and recommendations visually. After many drafts we realized, simplicity was key. In every poster you will notice, a focus on one key visual element and supporting text. Additionally, there is a dialogue between each poster all aiming at bringing the story alive.

Our clients at L’Oreal loved this new style of visualization as it was crisp, short and most importantly visualised the essence and mood of the findings!

For more information please contact Febri Nugraha  and Fahmi Afandi.