According to a survey conducted by staffing firm OfficeTeam, US office workers are bored at work about 10.5 hours every week. And while some are more likely to experience boredom during specific times in the year, 45% experience this all year long. 

The top reported reasons for boredom are:

  • They don’t feel challenged by the assignments
  • There isn’t enough work to do
  • The nature of the work isn’t interesting

Though we don’t have the magic formula to completely eliminate workplace boredom, at Kadence we have implemented a program with the aim to curb monotony as much as possible. We call them Project Points. 

Project Points is a list of extracurricular tasks and projects that individuals can get involved in if they have time or would like to get exposure to another area of the business. So, what’s so great about Project Points?

1. They are aimed at helping us to achieve our business goals. Project Points are tasks that are specifically aimed at helping Kadence to achieve financial or strategic goals. They include tasks like: creating thought leadership pieces to use for sales & marketing collateral, updating supplier database information, or creating essential templates that can be used to make everyone’s job faster. While some are certainly more glamorous than others, all are worth spending time on, and so the business benefits no matter what people choose.

2. They touch on every aspect of the business. Every division from Sales to Marketing to Operations to HR are covered in Project Points. This means that individuals have the opportunity to try out areas of the business that they had never experienced before, without requiring a formal role change or redesign. 

3. They are rewarding. Each completed task earns the entire team points, which in turn qualifies everyone to receive a reward. This year, we set an ambitious goal, which when reached earned the entire office an additional day off. Needless to say, many Project Points had to be completed to achieve that!

Not every Project Point will be challenging, interesting or life-changing, but hopefully they give everyone opportunities for personal development and variety, and greater exposure to the needs of the business. And one thing is for sure: with Project Points available, no one can say that there isn’t enough work to do. :)