In the Strategy Day earlier in the year, everyone from the Kadence Singapore team met to discuss about the direction and strategies for the office in 2018. The mantra for the year is “Quality Through Collaboration”, which will be key to Kadence’s plan to produce Insights Worth Sharing, and to expand its vision to raise the impact of research in the region.

On the global perspective, as part of ‘One Kadence’, we hope through better collaborations with various Kadence offices worldwide. Leveraging each office’s experience and expertise, we can share and build on one another’s knowledge to streamline processes for greater efficiency, develop better methodologies, and develop more comprehensive understanding of our clients to better address their needs and preferences.

On the fun side, the Kadence Singapore team has come together and crafted a banner made up of letters designed by different staff in the office to form the phrase ‘Quality Through Collaboration’. The banner has been put up at the pantry wall as a reminder to always deliver quality work and positive impact to our clients.

Quality Through Collaboration.jpg