Kadence Singapore is pleased to announce that 5 new members joined the team in the first quarter of 2018. The company’s ethos is Insights Worth Sharing, and diversity of talents can definitely add interesting perspectives and enable the team to produce quality work.  

Kadence Singapore has strengthened its management team through the appointment of Ravi Miglani as the Regional Insights Director. Ravi comes with a wealth of experience in the market research industry, most recently at Frost & Sullivan where he led the Customer Research business unit in Malaysia, and has developed a number of great clients, experience and expertise. Before that he worked for TNS and helped set up the TNS offices in Egypt and Morocco, so he has solid knowledgeable in building and developing offices and companies, which will be a great support to the Singapore office’s growth and the global emphasis on One Kadence.

The company also welcomes Nhi Ton, who came to Singapore on secondment for 3 months from the Vietnam office. She has 9 years of experience in qualitative research, as and is a Unilever-accredited moderator for Vietnam, which is a difficult accreditation to receive. She will be involved in projects in the Singapore office, bringing in her experience from previous projects and best practices from the Vietnam office.

In addition, Kadence Singapore is also excited to announce that Bernice Sim, who has 4.5 years of market research experience, has recently joined the company from Ipsos. Beatrice is an expert in qualitative research, and has experience in a wide range of qualitative methodologies and tools. She has also worked with some of Kadence’s clients previously, particularly in the FMCG and technology sectors. Bernice will be assisting the continuous development of the office’s qualitative offers to our clients.

The bringing on of new members are in-line with the 3 drives to build the team in Kadence Singapore - Business Development (to support our regional growth targets); Insight (to support the team as it grows); and Project Support (to support the office and team). In order to boost the team across the 3 drives, the company is pleased to have Jie Lin Chua, a recent NTU graduate with a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology, and Derek Tan with a wealth of project management experience from Research Now, joining the office recently. Jie Lin is working on a hybrid role of analyst and insight, while Derek is taking on a dual role across insight and sales executive to help with the business development initiatives.

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