Recently, Kadence Singapore sponsored an event (Research & Insights 2018) and had an opportunity to speak during the conference. We shared our point of view on the subject, and received feedback from attendees, a good mix of client-side decision makers across different industries, all eager to find out how they can benefit from best-in-class practices in the world of research, to arrive at insights worth sharing with their stakeholders, resulting in impactful business outcomes

Phil Steggals, MD of the Kadence Singapore office, addressed the topic head-on, and declared that traditional research, if interpreted as a broad term that refers to conventional methodologies, is not dead. Instead, with new technologies enabling closer, more accurate and in-depth capture of consumer sentiments and mindset, the ‘tradition’ that does need to die is client’s mindset of the market research agency’s role within the business. He asserted that clients will now need to identify the right partner in their quest to answer business questions, ones that balance innovative ‘thinking’ and ‘doing’.

During the full-day session, Patrick (Deputy MD) and Ash (Insight Director) were there with Phil as well during the round-table discussions, interacting with participants on thought-provoking topics that inspired them to take a fresh look at how they could (and should) incorporate all the new and wonderful innovative research approaches, to bring their marketing game to the next level.