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office photos

persona options

isometric and top down graphics

publicLy shareable case study videos

Note: Please notify the Design Executive if you require the URL for a specific video shown above.

Full Kadence VIdeo Database

publicly shareable infographics

booking, submission and other Forms

Stock video



Stock vector and graphics


Note: For ThinkStock, there is a limit of 30 photos/graphics per month, and it is shared globally across all Kadence offices. For StockUnlimited, it provides unlimited downloads but requires logging into the company account. Please contact the Design Executive for the login details.

Vector brand logos

Vector world maps

Useful resources, guides and tips

brand identity colours

Used for branding and other PR materials like namecards, website, posters etc.

 Main   - Kadence Dark Grey #383839

Main - Kadence Dark Grey

 Secondary - Kadence Green #80A531

Secondary - Kadence Green

 Tertiary - Kadence Light Grey #E9E9E9

Tertiary - Kadence Light Grey

 Accent - Kadence Yellow #F7C240

Accent - Kadence Yellow

 Accent - Kadence Red #FF8C69

Accent - Kadence Red

 Accent - Kadence Blue #4FB4ED

Accent - Kadence Blue

presentation colour themes (ONLY FOR SLIDES)

Not to be used as the main colours on your deck

 Kadence Dark Grey

Kadence Dark Grey

 Kadence Green

Kadence Green




Only to be used if an additional colour is required



Who do I contact if I need a custom icon/persona/artwork?

You may contact the Design Executive Victor Ong at to discuss the possibility of custom artwork for your projects.

What do I do if I cannot find a photo that I want?

You may either try your luck with the paid ThinkStock site or discuss with the Design Executive about taking custom photos.

What if I want to download the videos for a proposal?

Please look through this directory for the link to the Vimeo page for the video. You may download the video file through Vimeo. You may also contact the Design Executive if you have any questions or issues.

What if I want the high resolution copy of the infographics?

Clicking on the infographics will lead you to the original high resolution file.

I need to use the ThinkStock or StockUnlimited sites for a project, who do I approach for the login details?

Contact the Design Executive for the login details of the specific site.