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Market Research Agency of the Year (Gold) - Kadence staff group photo

Kadence Singapore is Marketing’s Market Research Agency of The Year

We are thrilled to have been recognised as the best market research agency in Singapore at Marketing’s annual Agency of the Year Awards. Kadence International triumphantly brought home gold for Market Research Agency of The Year, after winning bronze in the category for two consecutive years. The Agency of Year awards seek to recognise the […]


How do people commute across the globe?

We all complain about our daily commute. But have you ever wondered how it compares to others around the world? Our new research, with over 5000 commuters worldwide, lifts the lid on global commuting patterns, unpicking the differences across countries and revealing new opportunities for brands. We explored commuter behaviours in 13 cities which closely […]


How to avoid death by PowerPoint: invest in design

Death by PowerPoint is still a killer. The solution? Invest in design Design is the silver bullet for research. Make your findings interesting, simple and easy to understand and the world will take notice. If it intuitively makes sense your findings will spread like wildfire. If not, it’ll die on the screen. Recently there’s been […]

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How companies are catering for people’s busy lifestyles

Nowadays people have very hectic and busy lifestyles – trying to balance work, home and a social life is increasingly challenging. However, companies are becoming more attuned to this and starting to adapt their products to suit. Lack of time is typically the main reason for lack of participation in sport or gym attendance. However, […]


Three benefits of Post-Its to harness non-linear thinking

There’s a great book by Columbia Business School associate professor, William Duggan, called Strategic Intuition. The book posits that intuition is ‘the selective recombination of previous elements into a new whole.’ One of Duggan’s examples of intuitive thinkers is one of Napoleon’s early campaigns. When ordered to re-take the port of Toulon from the British invaders […]


Exploring qualitative research in China

Amy Lo explores her personal experiences growing up across two vastly different continents and how these have shaped her insight career.  When I was 12 my Dad announced I was to leave my home in Taiwan to attend boarding school in England. The resulting 10 years were to shape me in a way neither he, […]