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How companies are catering for people’s busy lifestyles

Nowadays people have very hectic and busy lifestyles – trying to balance work, home and a social life is increasingly challenging. However, companies are becoming more attuned to this and starting to adapt their products to suit. Lack of time is typically the main reason for lack of participation in sport or gym attendance. However, […]


Three benefits of Post-Its to harness non-linear thinking

There’s a great book by Columbia Business School associate professor, William Duggan, called Strategic Intuition. The book posits that intuition is ‘the selective recombination of previous elements into a new whole.’ One of Duggan’s examples of intuitive thinkers is one of Napoleon’s early campaigns. When ordered to re-take the port of Toulon from the British invaders […]


Exploring qualitative research in China

Amy Lo explores her personal experiences growing up across two vastly different continents and how these have shaped her insight career.  When I was 12 my Dad announced I was to leave my home in Taiwan to attend boarding school in England. The resulting 10 years were to shape me in a way neither he, […]


Taste of chocolate around Asia

Chocolate is a multi-billion dollar industry – a fact that comes as no surprise. Everyone loves chocolate; but does everyone like the same kind of chocolate? With hundreds of chocolate brands competing for market share in the world, Kadence conducted some research to understand how our taste for chocolate changes around the region. Kadence asked […]

What does a post-factual world mean for research?

A few years ago, Ralph Keyes coined the term ‘post-truth era’, suggesting that we have reached a stage when the weight and impact of facts and the truth are losing ground. Instead an emotional appeal, personal beliefs and opinions can have more gravitas and impact. It is true that social media, alternative media and satirical […]