Indonesian Millennial Travellers; not a snowflake in sight!


A burgeoning middle class, allied to a comprehensive budget airline infrastructure is opening up a huge travel market amongst Indonesian millennials.

Despite this huge potential, online bookings are still in their infancy, even amongst a tech-savvy millennial audience. Reasons behind this include the historical strength of local, offline travel agents; the juxtaposition of the prevalence of mobile phone with the unreliability of connection and security concerns about online transactions.

Google is seeking to cement a new behavioural paradigm, and needed to understand the booking requirements of Millennials, to be able to provide the infrastructure required to enable an online evolution.

A series of iterative qualitative interactions and usability labs supported existing passive measurement data to provide a richly contextualised picture of attitudes, behaviours, barriers and infrastructure.

We highlighted that Indonesian Millennials are fiercely independent, breaking with their parents’ conventions and meticulously exploring all aspects of their travel plans in order to secure value for money and bragging rights on social media.

Google (and their advertisers) are now aware of their role in facilitating the end-to-end travel experience from initial inspiration to post-trip reflections and of the importance of getting online ‘right’ for the pioneers within the first truly online generation in Indonesia.

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