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[Report] The Modern Plate. 5 Trends Shaping Tomorrow’s Dining Experience.

Dining has transcended the mere act of eating; it has become a dynamic tapestry of experience, innovation, and global connection. At this pivotal culinary crossroads, we unveil “The Modern Plate” trend report, a compass pointing toward the future of gastronomy.

This report delves into five transformative shifts that are reshaping the landscape of dining, and these are not fleeting fads; they represent the very essence of what dining will be.

Join us on this gastronomic journey as we illuminate the profound implications these shifts hold for global brands in the restaurant sector.

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  • Trend 1 – Dining Digitised Case Study: Ghost Kitchens
  • Trend 2: Wellness on a Plate Case Study: Sweetgreen
  • Trend 3: From Farm to Fork Case Study: Nando’s
  • Trend 4: Crossing Culinary Borders Case Study: Poké Bowls
  • Trend 5: Dining Dreamscapes Case Study: Le Petit Chef