A Quant SRE plays a substantial role in managing client accounts, as well as projects. A Quant SRE has day to day responsibility for ensuring the smooth running of client accounts, for organizing the project team, maintaining contact with the client and ensuring projects are successfully completed, with objectives met. 

A Quant SRE will be involved in end-to-end project from discussion about appropriate research design and writing proposals, writing effective questionnaire, collecting data, undertaking analysis, writing report, until attend client presentations.

In regards to technical and admin jobs, a Senior Research Executive must be able to do project management which are briefing field and preparing necessary documents, monitoring recruitment / interviewing progress on a day to day basis, monitoring progress through data entry / data processing, and generally assisting with admin task associated with project management, including general day to day client contact email and telephone.

Job requirements and qualifications

  • Minimum Bachelor’s degree in any major
  • Has minimum 1.5 year experience in quantitative research
  • Fluent in English both oral and written
  • Ready to face challenges and work hard towards achieving professional excellence
  • Has exceptional analytical and logical abilities
  • Has good interpersonal and social skills

Please email your latest CV to our recruitment team, joinus_indonesia@kadence.com