thank you for registering your interest in being an RESPONDENT with us!


Here's what you can expect to happen:

1. contacting those who fit the profile

When projects come along, we will send out emails to registered respondents who fit the initial profile for discussion/interview/focus group sessions.

This email will contain questions that will allow us to ascertain respondents' suitability for the session.

2. responding to the questions fast

Respondents will need to answer the questions in the email within 1-2 days to be considered for the session.

3. shortlisting and expressing interest


Shortlisted respondents will be contacted via phone about the remuneration package and confirmation of session date & time. 

Respondents will be given the opportunity to express interest at this stage.

4. confirming attendence

An email containing details regarding what to expect during the session will be sent to respondents who have expressed interest.

Respondents will need to confirm their attendance via email.

5. reminder emails sent before event

A reminder email will be sent a few days prior to the event.

6. arriving on time with identification

Selected participants are to turn up at the stipulated time with identification documents (NRIC, Driver's license or Passport)

7. renumeration of respondents


Incentives will be handed to respondents after the session.


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