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How to Balance Brand Equity and Performance Marketing for Greater ROI.

The battle between short-term gains and long-term brand equity challenges even the most seasoned marketers. Traditionally, performance marketing and brand building have been seen at odds, with the former focused on immediate returns like clicks, sales, and leads and the latter on cultivating lasting relationships with consumers. However, as we delve deeper into the symbiotic […]


Content Monetization Models In The Age Of Ad Blocking.

The rise of ad blockers has sparked a major revolution in digital advertising. Gone are the days when users passively accepted every pop-up, banner, and video ad thrown their way. Fed up with the constant barrage of intrusive advertisements, many have turned to ad blockers as a digital shield. This massive shift has thrown a […]


The Role of Sensory Research in Product Development.

Imagine walking into a store and being immediately drawn to a product because of its vibrant colors, the sound it makes, or even its unique texture. This is no accident; it results from meticulous sensory research, a process brands use to design products that meet and exceed consumer expectations on every sensory level. What is […]


Gen Z consumers in China in 2024.

China’s retail sector emerged as a key driver of economic recovery post-Covid and has surpassed even the most optimistic forecasts. Based on the latest news, retail sales, which is an indicator of consumption, increased by 5.5%. Although it slowed down from a 7.4% rise in December, it still beat the expected 5.2% gain. During the […]

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Leveraging Sentiment Analysis to Navigate Singapore’s Digital Dialogue.

Singapore boasts an impressive internet penetration rate of 96.9%, making it one of the most connected countries in the world. This figure isn’t just a statistic; it’s a clear indication of the digital-first lifestyle that dominates this island nation. In a market where virtually every consumer interaction has some digital footprint, brands cannot afford to […]


Design and Data Visualization as Insight Catalysts in Market Research.

Customer success teams are bombarded with unprecedented data about how their customers interact with products and services. Every minute, vast information streams are generated from multiple sources—social media feeds, business transactions, Internet of Things (IoT) devices, and more. This relentless influx, often called “information overload,” poses a significant challenge: how can we sift through, interpret, […]


The Silver Wave: Capturing the Senior Consumer Market in Singapore.

The poignant memory of her grandmother reluctantly pushing away her favorite meals stayed with Shen Yiru long after her grandmother passed. Suffering from dementia, her grandmother was forced onto a pureed diet to manage her difficulty with swallowing. Despite the family’s efforts to blend various dishes into a palatable form, the unappealing appearance often led […]


Identifying New Market Opportunities With Market Research.

Many groundbreaking business ideas are said to have originated on the back of a napkin or during a moment of clarity in the shower. Think about how Airbnb started with two friends renting out air mattresses in their apartment or how a trip to Italy inspired Starbucks. These stories are intriguing, but the true challenge […]


The New Retail Experience: Technology, Layouts, and Entertainment Inside Today’s Stores.

Navigating the future of retail requires a clear-eyed view of where we’ve been and where technology is taking us. Integrating advanced technology and changing consumer expectations are profoundly reshaping the shopping experience. This transformation isn’t just about flashy gadgets or novelty; it’s driven by data, efficiency, and a deeper understanding of consumer behavior. First, consider […]


Understanding Thai Consumer Preferences and Behaviors.

Thailand, often celebrated as the “Land of Smiles,” is a nation where warmth and friendliness are as much a part of the culture as its vibrant street markets and stunning temples. This nickname, popularized by a tourism campaign in the 1980s, highlights the country’s welcoming spirit and subtly emphasizes a profound understanding of service and […]