Customer and market understanding.

Get closer to customers and build a rich understanding of the market and customer behavior to future-proof your strategy.

Having a clear understanding of your customers and your position in the market means you’re better equipped to take advantage of future growth opportunities.

We work with businesses to help them get closer to their current and target customers, building a deep understanding of their customer’s needs, expectations, and relationship with your brand. To set this in context, we can explore the broader market dynamics, identifying trends and whitespace to help you grow your market share.

But we don’t stop there. We turn this insight into a competitive advantage, workshopping findings with you to inform product and strategy development and to help inspire new marketing messages.

One of our key services is customer and market understanding, which plays a crucial role in helping brands thrive in today’s competitive landscape.

As a brand, it’s essential to have a deep understanding of your target audience.

That’s where our expertise comes in.

Our dedicated team of researchers specializes in gaining insights into consumer behavior, preferences, and motivations. Through a combination of quantitative and qualitative research methods, we delve into the minds of your target customers to uncover valuable insights.

Quantitative research forms the foundation of our approach. We collect data from a representative sample of your target market using surveys, questionnaires, and other data collection methods. This data allows us to analyze trends, patterns, and correlations, providing you with actionable insights. You can make informed decisions about your products or services by understanding consumer preferences, purchase intent, and overall satisfaction.

However, we go beyond numbers and statistics. To truly understand your customers, we complement quantitative research with qualitative methods. We gain deeper insights into consumer attitudes, emotions, and experiences through in-depth interviews, focus groups, and user testing sessions. These qualitative insights help us uncover valuable nuances that quantitative data may not capture alone. By combining both approaches, we provide you with a comprehensive understanding of your target audience.

But understanding your customers is just the beginning. You must offer a unique and compelling user experience to succeed in the market.

Our design team is here to help you create visually appealing and user-friendly products or services. With their expertise in product design, they can transform your ideas into captivating mock-ups that effectively communicate your vision to consumers.

We believe in the power of collaboration and iteration. Throughout the design process, we involve potential customers and gather their feedback on the mock-ups. This iterative approach allows us to refine and improve the designs based on real user preferences and needs. By involving your target audience in the design process, you can ensure that your product or service meets their expectations and stands out from the competition.

At Kadence, we aim to provide actionable insights and practical recommendations. We believe in delivering research beyond data and numbers, helping you develop successful products and services.

Contact us today to learn how our targeting and customer and market-understanding insights can benefit your business.

Together, we can unlock the full potential of your products or services and drive your success in the market.

A fresh approach to market research.

Our global footprint makes us the go-to partner for international market research. We offer all qualitative and quantitative methodologies across our office network and beyond.

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