Market research in the USA – our capabilities.

From Anchorage to Santiago, San Francisco to New York City and beyond, we are the go-to partner for market research in the USA

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We help brands conduct market research in North, Central, and South America so they can gain marketshare in these crowded and competitive markets.

We partner with brands on full-service market research projects, helping to crack complex business problems through rich insight. We also work with companies as their fieldwork partner, helping reach the right respondents across the Americas.

From our hubs on the East and West coasts, we conduct market research across North, Central, and South America to support you through every stage of the product life cycle. Whether you are trying to tackle the user experience for a high-tech product in the US, dive into the unmet needs of radiologists in South America, or identify the true pain points of sufferers of a rare disease in Canada, we don’t shy away from a challenge.

With over 30 years of experience understanding mainstream and niche markets with consumers and in the B2B space, we are a leading market research company. Our team can help you design the best approach to even the toughest of challenges.


What methodologies do you offer in the Americas?

We offer a range of qualitative and quantitative methodologies – spanning everything from focus groups, in depth interviews and quantitative surveys, right through to cutting-edge methodologies such as passive tracking and neuroscience.

Where can Kadence conduct research?

Pretty much anywhere! From our East and West Coast hubs, we cover the length and breadth of the Americas. And for brands looking to conduct multi-market projects or grow their presence further afield, we collaborate with our offices in Europe and across Asia, to meet your needs.

What is it like working with Kadence?

Our customized and flexible approach to answering your business questions separates us from the pack! From project design to delivering actionable insights, our team customizes a solution that meets your specific needs. Our findings are delivered in a visually impactful way, ensuring your stakeholders are highly engaged & ready to act on the insights we’ve shared. 

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