The Elusive Consumer.

Welcome to The Elusive Consumer, the podcast from Kadence International, hosted by Ellie Tehrani, CEO – Americas. Our podcast takes you into the heart of consumer research and data, sharing insights from top industry experts. Perfect for marketing executives, product managers, and market researchers, we decipher consumer behavior, niche markets, and innovation in market research and product development. Tune in to stay ahead of the curve, turn insights into strategy, and transform the elusive into the understood.

Shopify - ecommerce

Ep 5. – Shopify – E-Commerce’s New Frontier, with Cole Atkinson.

Today, Ellie is speaking with Cole Atkinson, Senior Product Manager at Shopify. Join us as Cole delves into the fascinating world of consumer behaviour, sharing insights on understanding diverse customer perspectives, translating these insights into effective marketing strategies, and glimpsing into the future of e-commerce with AI and augmented reality.

Ep. 3 – The Importance of Security and Privacy for Consumers, with Roland Cloutier.

Today Ellie is talking with Roland Cloutier, Principal at The Business Protection Group. Join us as Roland discusses his previous experience as Global Chief Security Officer at TikTok & ByteDance, the importance of protecting consumer data, accountable AI practices, and his current role at the Business Protection Group where he helps businesses protect themselves with transparency and compliance.