Understanding the shift in business decision makers’ priorities as they enter a new normal with Bloomberg

Creating compelling content for Bloomberg to help its readers understand how their peers are responding to the pandemic.

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The challenge

With over 2,700 journalists and analysts across 120 countries, Bloomberg is one of the world’s largest news organisations, providing global business leaders with the information and analysis required to win in today’s complex marketplace. In the wake of unprecedented global uncertainty, Bloomberg wanted to help its readers navigate the path ahead, by shedding light on how their peers were responding to the pandemic.

What we did

We spoke to over 700 business decision makers in 6 markets (Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Japan and Australia) to understand the shift in their priorities, exploring everything from top concerns and challenges right through to attitudes towards business travel and expectations from brands.

To bring this to life for Bloomberg and its readers, we produced an engaging infographic highlighting the key findings with the help of our in-house design and data visualisation team.

The impact of the research

The research has allowed Bloomberg to provide valuable insight to its readers about how business decision makers priorities are evolving at this critical time. As the first of 3 waves of research on this topic, we’ll be able to track changes in attitudes and behaviours over time to help business leaders understand and react to the changing situation.

We have been engaged with Kadence since 2016. Since our first partnership, Kadence has been instrumental in supporting our business efforts and have continuously proven their value in research, insights and analysis that have helped us to gain many wins. Kadence consistently pushes the boundaries and offer inspirations that provide deep business insights and drive business strategies.

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