UK IT Security Policy

Kadence is proud to be accredited with the ISO 20252:2012 quality standard.

We are also members of key industry bodies such as the AQR – The Association for Qualitative Research, BHBIA – The British Healthcare Business Intelligence Association, MRS – The Market Research Society and ESOMAR – European Society for Opinion and Marketing Research

Data Security

All Data is hosted on a secure server incorporating the usual firewalls and SSL. The following security features will be provided:

  • Physical security – Servers protected by a central station alarm system, with 24 hour monitoring
  • Power – Servers connected to UPS providing at least 1 hour emergency backup power.
  • Data backup – Data is automatically backed daily up to an on-line backup server. System security updates/patches when issued by the manufacturers of our chosen operating system are regularly checked, tested and implemented.
  • Periodic audit is carried out on the web, mail and firewall systems as a measure to proactively manage the infrastructure and further remove chances of system or data compromise by hackers.
  • Prevention of Malicious External Attack – A state full firewall based upon Cisco products protects servers/subnets. The policy is to deny all access, and to enable only pre-determined protocols and port numbers. Most servers require the HTTP, HTTPS, DNS, FTP and SMTP services to be selectively opened, together with specific rules for remote management over a secure Virtual Private Network (VPN) based upon the industry acclaimed safest protocol.
  • Encryption – Firewall, Web Server and VPN Server utilises a 128 bit Encryption System.

The security facilities outlined is intended to provide an effective protection for commercial data without incurring the costs involved in meeting UK Government Sec2 and higher classifications.

See Data Protection Policy 2018 and Kadence ISO 20252:2012 Quality Systems Procedure Manual for further information.