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Mobile Diaries in Market Research

The Advantages of Mobile Diaries in Qualitative Market Research

Journaling or writing in a diary is an age-old process researchers use in qualitative research to become familiar with the participants before a focus group. While this methodology helps capture deep insights from people’s daily lives, it is a time-consuming and laborious process. So how do you get rich data and insights without going through […]

Market entry strategy for Japan

How to Develop a Market Entry Strategy in Japan

With a GDP of $5.15 trillion, Japan is well-positioned for international expansion and offers substantial business opportunities for brands in various industries.  The country has dramatically bounced back from the disruption caused by the 2011 natural disasters, like the earthquake and the Tsunami. Japanese motor vehicles and electronics are prevalent globally. It is also among […]

Brand Tracking using Market Research Technology

Reimagining Brand and Performance Tracking With New Market Research Technology

Emerging technological advancements are transforming market research forever. As many consumers move online, the way brands identify and understand consumer needs is being reimagined. Many technology trends disrupt the market research industry —from data collection and new product launches to tracking brand performance. This blog post will focus on the breakthroughs in technology impacting brand […]

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Customer Journey Mapping

Customer Journey Mapping in Market Research

Just like we need a GPS to take us from point A to Point B, businesses need to intuitively map their customer’s journey to ensure they are moving through the process. But instead of plotting it physically on a map, brands need to use technology to visualise each touchpoint the customers interact with when they […]

Hide Hamano

People in Research Spotlight

At Kadence International, market researchers are at the heart of our team. In this series, we honour some of our colleagues, asking them about their experience working within the market research industry and what the future holds for the industry. Name: Hide Hamano Position: MD/Regional Account Director (Japan) Kadence Office: Thailand When did you join Kadence? I […]

Text Analytics

The Use of Text Analytics in Experience Management and Market Research

The significant strides in Artificial Intelligence (AI) are reinventing the market research industry by addressing cost and time issues. As for the process and application, AI makes market research less labourious, faster, and more accurate. Machine Learning reduces the time to complete projects from weeks and months to hours and days. Algorithms make the job […]