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beauty-brands and Gen z and Gen Alpha

How Legacy Beauty Brands Adapt to Win Over Gen Z.

Gen Z and Alphas, born between the mid-1990s and the early 2010s, are wielding unprecedented influence over market trends, challenging legacy beauty brands to rethink their strategies and embrace a new era of authenticity and purpose. Latest findings spotlight Gen Z as a powerhouse in the US economy, pouring a whopping $143 billion into the […]


The Fintech Boom in Southeast Asia.

Southeast Asia has emerged as a global frontrunner in fintech adoption, setting the stage for a transformative shift in the region’s financial services.  The trend can be attributed to various factors, including a sizable, tech-savvy population, burgeoning e-commerce and digital payments ecosystems, widespread mobile internet connectivity, and proactive government support. These elements have propelled Southeast […]


Is there such a thing as too much market research?

Consider this: A recent study revealed that marketing leaders utilise only 58% of their available data when making decisions. This statistic highlights the abundance of data and underscores a critical conundrum – the gap between data collection and data utilisation. In a world awash with information, the real challenge lies not in acquiring more data […]

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People In Research – Adhistya Febriani.

In our latest feature for the People in Research series at Kadence International, we’re thrilled to present an insightful conversation with Adhistya Febriani, Associate Research Director at our Indonesia office. Adhistya Febriani is the driving force behind many of Kadence International’s successes in Indonesia. Her journey in market research began in 2012 when she joined Kadence.  […]


Your Real Competitors Aren’t Who You Think.

Have you ever wondered why obtaining a bank loan isn’t as easy as shopping online? Or why selecting a health insurance policy isn’t as quick as booking a hotel? The modern consumer has higher expectations and is increasingly asking these questions. Brands that cater to these expectations stand to beat the competition and garner customer […]


The Essential Guide to Advertising Research.

Imagine you’re planning an ad campaign where a group of animals take on human roles in a humorous setup – think of dogs walking on two legs, dressed in business suits, holding a meeting. Drawing on charm and humour, this idea is a sure winner in your team’s eyes. However, without proper ad testing, there’s […]


The Missing Piece in Advertising: Brand Promise.

Imagine this: half of your advertising budget going down the drain. That’s the harsh reality many brands face, especially in today’s digital age, where navigating the complexities of advertising effectiveness has become even more challenging. The emergence of online platforms and the shift toward performance marketing has further blurred the line between brand advertising and […]