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A Guide to Diversity and Inclusion in Market Research

Your business likely serves customers across various demographics, income levels, and ethnic groups, and therefore, your research should reflect that. So, how do you ensure your market research is diverse and inclusive enough?  Many companies fail to achieve diversity in market research. They rely on an overly homogenous group of research participants, drawn from the […]

eye tracking technology in market research

Eye-Tracking Technology Uses in Market Research

You probably won’t read this article word for word—and you’re not alone. Humans typically respond to visual stimuli by paying attention to some things more than others. They skim over some words, re-read others, and skip entire sections. How a person’s eye moves around a page, design, or space reveals a lot about what does—and […]


The Importance of Diversity in Market Research

Market research would be a lot easier to pull off if we all lived in a homogenous society. Things would be simpler if we were all hailed from the same background, with the same cultural, ethnic, religious, and social touchstones. Of course, that’s not the case in most parts of the world. Attempting a “one-size-fits-all” […]


A Practical Guide to Inclusive Market Research

Back in the day, market research consisted mainly of tapping into as big a consumer pool as possible, with little thought given to culturally diverse demographics. In the past few years, as the struggle to achieve social justice and equality has gained prominence, market research experts have begun changing research methodology to more accurately reflect […]

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Our Best Trend Reports and Guides of 2021

For some, 2021 is a year best forgotten. But from a marketers and researchers perspective 2021 certainly revealed some interesting insight into changing consumer behaviours and demands. Here we have compiled the best of our trend reports and guides from 2021 all in one convenient place. Consumer Trends in Asia 2021 This report is specially […]


The Asian Consumer: Summary of our latest trend report

This summary of the report, “The Asian Consumer: 4 Key Trends for the Next Normal,” examines the purchasing trends, consumer characteristics, and brand preferences of major Asian markets that embody a unique national and cultural identity. If you want to grow your company’s presence in Asia, make sure you read the full report here.  This report […]


The 8 Major Differences Between Domestic and International Market Research

Entering a domestic market is one thing, but expanding overseas is something else entirely. Moving to a new, international market comes with a range of unique challenges that require a strategic approach with empirical methods. It’s crucial to understand and anticipate these differences to avoid nasty surprises and give yourself the best chance of success when entering […]


How to Conduct User Studies in an Online Environment

A successful product is one that not only looks great but also solves a real problem. Ticking off both boxes requires understanding your customers’ motivations, goals, and behaviours—and user research is the best method for gaining those insights. User studies are conducted in person traditionally, but it’s possible to accomplish the same goals in an […]


The Importance of User Studies

When designing a new product or service, or upgrading existing ones, probably the most crucial question brands can ask themselves is: What will our customers think about this?  Companies that plough ahead without undertaking relevant research up-front can sometimes miscalculate what will satisfy the users of that product or service—thereby placing their company’s prestige and […]