Kadence Philippines is a full-service, independent, global Market Research and Market Intelligence agency that specializes on bespoke researches aimed at providing insightful data for the needs and objectives of your company. 

Being resourceful and meticulous are 2 of the most admirable traits of the Filipinos. Here in Kadence Philippines, we assure our clients that this is applied in 
our everyday work and will reflect on our reports.

We offer diverse services in research, intelligence and workshops that will provide companies with solutions and bespoke data not only for the now but also
for the future that will help them prosper. 

Our client's success is our business. We invite them to be proactive in a collaborative process in each and every step of our research. This is rooted in our
belief in open communication which is essential to achieve our common goal of providing insights worth sharing. 

Transforming the Data

We now live in a world full of information that may or may not be helpful to our growth. Let us, Kadence Philippines, gather, analyse and transform these information into insightful and meaningful data that will open your untapped potential.

Insightful Solutions

Insights is how you make sense of paradoxes and contradictions from different perspectives. We take information from the right sources and transform these into answers that are sensible, focused, directional and highly actionable. We take pride in acquiring these insights because even the subtlety can provide practical and cost-efficient solutions for your business

Market AND Competitive Intelligence

Intelligence gathering not only provides a 360-degree view of the company, market, and competitive landscape but also allows a definitive insight as to trends and future dynamics that would impact an industry, technology, regulations, and business operations. 

Kadence International provides in-depth, ethnical, and comprehensive intelligence collection enhanced by extensive experience in competitor profiling and business strategy research. Our B2B research services employs market research and competitive intelligence techniques, while leveraging on our international coverage and multi-national/multi-cultural workforce.


Kadence International - Philippines

Eco Tower Building, 32nd St. corner 9th Ave., BGC,
Taguig City, Metro Manila, Philippines 

Tel: +63 2 657 1873

Research/Insight: kph@kadence.com

Business Development: bizdevph@kadence.com

Career Opportunities: hrph@kadence.com


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